Ticket Deals & Specials

Military Members 

Thank you members of the US Armed Forces, for your dedication to our country. Active-duty, retired military and veterans can receive great discounts on lift tickets if purchased at the ticket window on the day of their visit.

  • Active military members receive a free lift ticket – just present your valid US Military ID at the ticket window.
  • Veterans and Retired Military receive 50% off one regularly priced full-day lift ticket – please show your valid US Retired or Veteran status ID card at the ticket window.

This program is for Vermont National Guard Service members, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security personnel who have been or could be deployed. Affiliates (foreign military working at US bases) also qualify.

The following do not qualify: Dishonorably discharged personnel from any branch of the military, DOD employees or civilian contractors, Merchant Marines (the Merchant Marine is a civilian-owned fleet; not uniformed service.)



Limited quantities available. Stark Mountain Cards may sell out prior to September 30th
Stark Mountain Cards will be on sale mid-August through September 30th.3 Days6 Days
Stark Mountain Card$225$399
Shareholder Stark Mountain Card$200$349
Family Stark Mountain Card$349$474

Stark Mountain Pack features:

  • Direct to lift access
  • Ticket use will not be subject to daily ticket limitations; ie you can use a ticket anytime you want
  • Either 3 or 6 tickets to be used buy the pack owner only
  • Stark Mountain Packs are not transferable
  • Family Stark Mountain Packs include free season passes for children under 12 as of January 1st of the current ski season.

Stark Mountain Packs will be on sale mid-August through September 30th.