Basebox & Patrol Ski School Building Project












Project Summary:



The project was one of the original catalysts for the Preserve Our Paradise campaign.  Renovation of the Basebox and rebuilding of the Patrol/Ski School Building have been goals of the Cooperative for many years. Both buildings have not had major renovations in over 30 years and are in need of significant work to meet today’s standards from both a regulatory and customer service/guest experience perspective.  The buildings are not code compliant, aren’t energy efficient and do not meet our current or future needs.  The goal is to blend the need to meet current codes with the historic and guest experience aspects of the buildings.  We also needed to work within the Preserve Our Paradise Campaign funding goals for the two buildings.  After evaluating the Patrol/Ski School Building it was determined that a complete rebuild on the current footprint was the most cost-effective way to meet the goals of the project.  The goals include increased room for ski school instructors and ski patrollers, an efficient building built to last, and a better experience for our guests.  The Basebox renovations seek to increase space for kids ski school programs, provide bathrooms on the main floor, improve traffic flow throughout the building, increase bag storage, make the building more code compliant, increase energy efficiency, and provide safer and more efficient food and beverage operations all while preserving the Mad River Glen experience we have come to love.  

Patrol/Ski School building

Until last year, plans had called for renovating the existing building, but based on an assessment of the structure by our architectural firm, management and the facilities committee have decided that the most cost-effective solution is a complete rebuild. The building houses the Patrol first aid treatment area, gear and ski storage for both the Patrol and the Ski School, plus an office, bathrooms, and storage space for Coop operations. The new structure will have the same footprint and same general look, but will provide significantly more interior space by raising the roof.

  • Add a new private treatment room in the first aid area to enhance patient care
  • Provide additional gear and ski storage space for both Patrol & Ski School to address an inadequate situation
  • Add an additional bathroom
  • Greatly increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs
  • Eliminate longstanding problems such as flooding in the spring
  • Increase basement storage space for Coop operations
  • Total project square footage: 1,956 s.f. living area, 1,500 s.f. storage area


Basebox Renovations

The rustic and simple Basebox is much beloved by all of us, but this venerable landmark needs significant work to address many years of deferred maintenance. The only major visible change from the exterior will be a bump-out of the corner adjacent to the Practice Slope Lift to accommodate a new stairway and elevator. The renovations will address long-standing issues with bathroom capacity, traffic flow, operating costs, outdated systems, and an inefficient food service area. You can rest assured that despite the renovations, the Basebox will definitely retain its simple and rustic character.

  • Add a new elevator and stairway on the Northeast corner to improve traffic flow and meet current codes
  • Add two additional bathrooms on the main level
  • Renovate the two existing lower-level bathrooms
  • Completely renovate the kitchen and food service area to greatly increase operational efficiency
  • Add a Pub window to order drinks from the cafeteria area
  • Add new two new fire exits and a fire alarm system to meet current codes
  • Rebuild part of the foundation under the Pub to address structural issues
  • Expand the lower-level Ski School kids’ area to address overcrowding
  • Enlarge the lower-level entrance to improve flow
  • Add additional cubby storage space
  • Perform necessary work to mechanical and electrical systems
  • Perform repairs to the foundation & supports of the Pub fireplace, add new railings, and other upgrades
  • Improve building energy efficiency


Project Financials:

The total project budget as authorized by the Cooperative Board of Trustees is $3,200,000.  The project will be funded through the Preserve Our Paradise Campaign ($2,750,000) and the cooperative capital budget ($450,000).  The Board of Trustee’s is seeking approval to spend $3,500,000 in the event the Preserve Our Paradise Campaign secures additional funding before the project is put out to bid.  The project includes elective items that could be added if additional funding is secured. 

Project Timeline:

The Cooperative Board of Trustees authorized the Facilities Committee to solicit proposals, contract with a design and CM firm and begin the design process during the winter of 2018-2019.  The Facilities Committee has been meeting regularly with the Design and Construction team since January 2019 to develop the conceptual designs (presented at the Annual Meeting in April 2019) and are now working on the preliminary designs and cost estimating.  The schedule calls for the project to be bid in January 2020 and to be ready to break ground in April 2020.  The project will be completed by the end of November 2020.  


The Board of Trustees, members of the Facilities Committee and senior staff all support the project as it meets the needs of the Cooperative while preserving the unique character of Mad River Glen and fits within the budget of the Preserve Our Paradise Campaign.  By answering IN FAVOR to the ballot question you are choosing to authorize the expenditure and the project.

Projected Floor Plans:

Patrol Perspective Sketch (PDF)
Basebox Perspective Sketch (PDF)
Basebox Lower Level (PDF)
Basebox Main Level (PDF)
Basebox Upper Level (PDF)
Patrol/Ski School (PDF)



For more information on the projects please contact Matt Lillard or the Facilities Committee Chair.