Published On May 29, 2018

Mad River Glen is a special place, which touches each of us in different ways. Whether it’s the contemplative eight-minute ride up the Single, exploring the mountain’s winding trails, having a beer with friends in the pub, or hunting for fresh powder in the woods, the mountain provides a classic experience that’s unlike any other.

Over the last few months you may have heard about the Preserve Our Paradise fundraising campaign. In conjunction with the nonprofit Stark Mountain Foundation, we’re working to raise the essential funds that will be necessary to sustain and protect Mad River Glen for future generations. The mountain’s independent, skier-focused business model provides operating revenues that are adequate to cover normal operations, but simply cannot fund the major capital expenditures that will be necessary in the coming years to keep our mountain in excellent operating condition. Now, the time has come for us to step up and do our part to preserve this mountain we love.

This campaign will not change the essential nature of Mad River Glen, and all projects will be completed in a cost-effective manner in keeping with our traditions, with top priority placed upon mountain operations. The funds that have already been raised are making a real difference in our operations and customer experience. We’re opening our mountain sooner thanks to improved snowmaking to supplement our natural snow. New bridges and culverts have fixed long-standing problem areas, and our dedicated mountain staff has gained safer and more-reliable equipment to help them work year-round to keep our mountain in peak operating condition.

This summer we have five projects scheduled that will be funded by the campaign, including renovations to the Birdcage; a new high-pressure snowmaking pump to further enhance our snowmaking capability; trail crew work; new culverts and bridges; and important safety and efficiency upgrades to the Practice Slope Chair. We’re proud of what’s been accomplished so far, but our biggest projects are yet to come, and we still have over $3.2 million left to raise to meet our $6.5 million goal.

Now is the time to make a tax-deductible contribution to support these essential projects! Your donations are needed to help fund even more projects that are essential to the future of Mad River!

Mad River Glen shareholders can learn more about a special opportunity to maximize the impact of your donation!

Our snowmaking arsenal has grown and new upgrades to the system are making us more mobile and efficient.
A rendering of the new Birdcage Deck that will be built this summer

We sincerely hope that you will join us in preserving this wonderful paradise on the pristine slopes of General Stark Mountain!

Support the future of Mad River Glen and donate today!

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