Memorial Policy

Mad River Glen, one of the most beloved and hallowed ski areas in the world, has a long and proud history.  Many individuals, families, entities, and events helped form its unique and special character and contributed to its important place in history.

The Board of Trustees (the “Board”) recognizes the importance of remembering and recognizing these contributions through various plaques, signs, names, and other remembrances (“Memorials”). The purpose of this Policy is to insure that such Memorials are consistent with the Cooperative’s purpose – to preserve and protect the forests and mountain ecosystem of Stark Mountain in order to provide skiing and other recreational access and to maintain the unique character of the area for present and future generations – and do not impair the safety, operation, or enjoyment of the Cooperative’s patrons, employees, or resources.

Any contemplated memorial that (1) is of a permanent or semi-permanent nature, (2) is visible to skiers or hikers, (3) may impact the movement, safety, or operation of patrons, employees, buildings, or machinery, (4) may cause an environmental impact, or (5) results in expense to the Cooperative must be approved in advance by a vote of the Board before it may be placed in the Cooperative’s land.

Memorials that have not been approved in advance by the Board will be removed at the expense of those placing such Memorial.

Approval of Memorials will be pursuant to a written application to the General Manager of the Cooperative, who will provide his/her recommendation regarding the application and present the application package to the Board for consideration. Such application will include all relevant facts regarding the size, appearance, content, materials, proposed location, installation date and plan of installation, plans for maintenance, and any other information that may be relevant to the determination by the Board, in its sole discretion, of appropriateness.

The Board will be under no obligation to approve the application within a specific timeframe; however, the Board will make reasonable efforts to review Memorial applications semi-annually.

The cost of the Memorial, including its placement, maintenance, and removal (if necessary), will be the responsibility of the applicant.

Any approved Memorial may be subsequently removed by recommendation of the General Manager and a vote of the Board if it is determined that its presence is no longer appropriate or if approved maintenance commitments are not met.

The Board shall not approve applications that are of an inappropriate or offensive nature or are of a size, appearance, and nature that materially or adversely impacts the (1) aesthetic or athletic experience of patrons; (2) safety and operation of patrons, employees, and machinery; or (3) forests and ecosystems of General Stark Mountain and its surroundings.  Examples of inappropriate nature include, but are not limited to, content that is (1) shocking, or promotes hatred, intolerance, discrimination, or violence; (2) of a commercial nature; (3) offensive, vulgar, obscene, or evokes a strong negative reaction; or (4) likely to be considered as historically inaccurate.