New Website!

Published On February 26, 2018
The MRG website “back in the day”

As everyone knows, Mad River Glen is famous for hardly ever changing anything, and even then begrudgingly. Eventually, over time, change is generally embraced. Long-time MRG skiers will wistfully recall when Paradise wasn’t on the trail map,  the wooden lift line maze, the mid-station on the Sunnyside Double, food service in the Stark’s Nest, “Milk Run” and, most famously, the Single Chair belching diesel fumes.

After well over a decade of use, it’s time to retire the old design and usher in a fresh, updated and more functional website.  Most importantly we needed a site that tells the Mad River Glen story, is more welcoming to new people and allow us to communicate more effectively with our community. We sure do hope you like it and we are eager to hear your thoughts, suggestions and ideas for ways to improve it.