Off-Season Happenings

Published On April 26, 2018
Stevie is the Lift Supervisor in the winter, but in the summer he works tirelessly maintaining the mountain’s infrastructure.

Throughout the season and at the Co-op’s Annual Shareholder’s meeting (Missed the meeting? View the video.)  many of our skiers commented on the improved snowmaking and grooming efforts this past season.  The mountain ops department really appreciates that so many of you noticed all their hard work. While a ton of effort is put forth throughout the season it’s important not to lose sight of the foundation that is laid in the off season. This is when critical trail work, forest management,  system repairs and routine upkeep occur. This summer’s work  list includes;

  • On-going trail and glade maintenance by a dedicated trail crew.
  • New deck and entrance for the Birdcage Lodge.
  • Installation of a new high-pressure snowmaking pump that will make for faster and more efficient snowmaking.
  • Installation of new culverts and bridges designed to improve drainage and allow us to ski with less natural snow.
  • Safety improvements to the Practice Slope Lift that will enhance worker safety and energy efficiency.

The Preserve Our Paradise Capital Campaign is vital to ensuring that our efforts to preserve and protect the Mad River Glen ski experience happen year in and year out despite the results of the previous ski season.  We’d like to thank our community for their generous support of the campaign and Stark Mountain Foundation