Redeeming Vouchers & Making Online Reservations


Redeeming Ski Vermont & Other Vouchers 2021-22


To use your Ski Vermont 4 Pass, VIP Pass, Gold Card, or other vouchers featured on the Special Tickets page this season, you need to reserve your ticket in advance on our website. Please follow the instructions below to make your reservation. 

Please note: These instructions were made using a Ski Vermont Gold Card Voucher as an example, but reservations can be made in a similar manner using any voucher.


1. Visit the Special Tickets page and select your special ticket type.

** Attention: if you are using a SKI VERMONT product, your Validation Code is below your barcode. Enter the code starting with the letter K (ignore %A and any * or other symbols) **

                                         (click the image above to go directly to that page)

2. Choose your voucher type and select a date from the calendar.

                                                                    (click the image above to go directly to that page)

3.  Make sure to carefully read the instructions on the next page. At the bottom there will be a location in the beige box to assign the ticket to the right person. If you already have an account, please login with your email. If not, you can create a new account. Once you are logged in, you may see the names of other people in your household and you can select the person by clicking on their name in red. There may be a brief confirmation screen for your information, and then hit continue.


4. Next, locate your Validation Code. The validation code (seen outlined in red below) is the code on your Ski Vermont voucher or card located above or below the barcode, starting with the letter K (ignore %A and any * or other symbols):


5. Enter your Validation Code in the box on the cart contents screen and then select the red “Validate” button.




6. With a valid code, the box will become greyed out and display “validated” in green above. Select Next at the bottom of the page to continue.

7. The following screen will finalize and confirm your information. After that will be a billing screen and you can also click Next to skip through if your ticket is completely free like the one in this example is. 

8. On the last page you will receive a voucher with a barcode to redeem at the Ticket Window at Mad River Glen. Note – you will also receive an email confirmation with a link to your voucher. These vouchers can be printed or can be scanned off mobile device screens.

If you are reserving tickets with a Ski Vermont Gold Card, please remember to bring your card along with your voucher to the ticket window to receive your ticket. Original vouchers are not required for other Ski Vermont programs (4 Pass, 5th Grade Passport, or VIP). Please make sure to also bring a Photo ID to the ticket window, such as your license.