Little League Slugger Wins MRG Pass

Published On May 23, 2018
Aidan Vasseur is presented his award by MRG’s Marketing Director, Eric Friedman.

Little Leaguer Slugs Historic Shot

When 12 year-old Aidan Vasseur of Fayston hit a rocket of a line drive to deep center field at the Couple’s Club Little League Field he figured that it was just another nice hit that would  help his team. What he didn’t realize was it was going to hit the Mad River Glen banner on the outfield fence and  the feat was going to earn him a season pass to his favorite ski area.

The Mad River Valley Little League is supported by lots of community-minded, local businesses who have banners along the length of the outfield fence. About 20 years ago Mad River Glen decided to have a little fun with their banner by offering a free season ski pass to any Little Leaguer that hit the sign or hit a home run over it. It turned out it was harder than anyone imagined. This is only the second time the “Ski it If You Can” mountain has had to make good on the offer. It was last hit about ten years ago by Keegan McKenna of Warren.

Congratulations to Aidan and best of luck to all the up and coming sluggers in matching this historic achievement.