Uphill Skiing Route Open

Published On March 14, 2021

Uphill Skiing Route During Hours of Lift Operations as of March 2021:  Uphill travel is permitted for MAD RIVER GLEN COOPERATIVE SHAREHOLDERS and MAD RIVER GLEN PASSHOLDERS on a designated uphill route only unless otherwise indicated on the Snow Report. Uphill travel during operational hours is restricted to skins and skis only and you must obey all trail closures. You must be a SHAREHOLDER OR MRG PASSHOLDER (Your pass must be valid on the day you plan to skin) to skin during operational hours. During the hours of lift operations, all uphill skiers must have their valid Season Pass or Shareholder ID. You must display your valid pass or shareholder ID in a visible spot while skinning during operational hours. Uphill travel during operational hours is limited to a defined route as determined by Mad River Glen Cooperative Management. Skiers may descend any open trail. The uphill route is indicated in yellow on the map below;

Skinners are to leave the base area and head up Periwinkle (underneath the double) staying to the skinner’s left. Stay on the skinner’s left side of Periwinkle until you see the yellow discs indicating the uphill route turns left into the island of trees before the steep pitch of Periwinkle Bowl. Take the two switchbacks in the trees until you come out on top of S-Turn. Skinners are then to turn right and head up the skinner’s right of Snail. Continue on Snail following the yellow discs, through the Periwinkle corral and up through the dip on Snail. As Snail turns left and gets steep through a band of ledges, follow the yellow discs into the woods on the skinner’s right side and stay on the switchbacks. Once on top of the ledge band skinners will re-enter Snail and continue uphill on the skinner’s right. Continue on Snail on the skinner’s right watching for downhill traffic, especially on crossing trails (Robin/Wren, Loon, Lark and Duck) until you reach the Nature Center. If desired, skinners can continue past the Nature Center on the skinner’s left on Duck to the top of the Birdland Lift. For more comprehensive information about uphill travel please visit our uphill travel page.