Values Statement

Mad River Glen stands in solidarity with all Black, Indigenous, people of color, and LGBTQIA2S+ on the issue of racial equality and civil rights. Though skiing as a sport faces well-documented challenges regarding the diversity of participation and inclusivity, Mad River Glen is committed – in its very spirit of co-operative ownership and acceptance of all people – to recognizing, understanding, and addressing factors that limit access to and enjoyment of our sport for everyone.

Mad River Glen encourages its shareholders and loyal skiers to listen, empathize, reflect, and take action – not only for the sake of those victimized by centuries of inequality and oppression but for the betterment of our society and humankind as a whole.

At Mad River Glen we are strongly committed to creating a diverse, inclusive space for recreation that treats everyone with integrity and respects each person as an individual human being.

Mad River Glen has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for employees and guests alike, hate has no place here!






How To Contact Us:

You can send us a message on our Contact Form (select Customer Service) or give us a call at 802-496-3551