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Is There A Doctor In The House?

October 22, 2018

Scott F. Pedley was Mad River Glen’s first doctor and is the honorary National Ski Patrol’s patrolman #1, Dr. Pedley was born in Lyndonville, Vermont, on October 5, 1912. He graduated from the Lyndon Institute in 1931 and then from Dartmouth College in 1936. While at Dartmouth, he was a classmate of Dr. Edgar Hyde,….


Family Values

October 1, 2018

But there was one thing I did know for sure: the kid’s sure as shootin’ gonna ski Mad River! I just had to fill in a few little details between the miracle of birth and the miracle of the first pair of skis…


Can You Ski It? Yes You Can!

September 10, 2018

MRG: You Can Ski It, Yes You Can The red and white stickers are unmistakable and world famous. There’s no slogan quite like “Ski It If You Can.” So is this a challenge? A warning? A joke? An expression of pride? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. I can say this with authority because I’m one….


FREE Kids Pass

August 16, 2018

Mad River Glen has been offering young skiers FREE SEASON PASSES for nearly 20 years now. At the time it was an unheard of concept that many in the industry scoffed at. To say that it has been successful would be a gross understatement and little about the scheme has changed since its inception. The….


What’s In a Name?

August 13, 2018

Skiing History, The Journal of the International Skiing History Association just published an interesting article about trail names. It includes a nice mention of  Quacky, one of Mad River Glen’s popular intermediate level trails accessed by the Sunnyside Double. Quacky(there are in fact 3 Quackys -I,II and III) is named in honor of long-time General….


Lawson’s Finest Ratchets Up Positivity Index

July 25, 2018

There is a palpable sense of positivity around the valley of late and it’s really great to see.  One of the biggest reasons folks are so positive is the impending launch of Lawson’s Finest’s new brewery in downtown Waitsfield (See how the project is progressing).  Set to open this fall, the project is providing a slew….



July 11, 2018

What is 26 you might ask? Well, it’s  General Stark Mountain’s place on the list of Vermont’s highest peaks. There are a bunch that are higher but hardly any pack The General’s punch. Heck at 3,662′ it doesn’t even make New England’s top 100. Stark Mountain’s peak elevation is often debated, but here are the….


MRG Well Represented

July 6, 2018

The Vermont Folk Life Center  is pretty well-know in these parts as a repository for Vermont’s oral histories.  While noodling around on the internet I decided to check out their on-line archive to see if there were any references to good ole’ Mad River Glen. Low and behold there were in fact 17 oral history….


4th of July MRG Style

June 13, 2018

The only thing more fun than attending the Warren 4th of July Parade is being in it! We’d love to have you and your family join in on the fun. Help out with the float design and/or ride along in the parade itself. The Annual Warren 4th of July Parade will be held on Wednesday,….



June 5, 2018

So there was some pretty big news announced in the ski world yesterday with Vail acquiring 4 new “properties”… So how does Mad River Glen, America’s only cooperatively owned ski area, respond to this shift in the landscape?