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Betsy Pratt Inducted to Vermont’s Ski Hall of Fame

October 31, 2022

Betsy’s Hall of Fame Induction Video On September 24th, Betsy Pratt was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum. Accepting the award on her behalf were her children Trux, Elizabeth and Polly as Betsy was unable to attend the induction ceremony in person. Betsy, the former owner of Mad….


Crows vs Ravens – Could it be a matter of a pinion?

January 27, 2022

Written and Illustrated by Jeannie Nicklas There are several ways to distinguish the American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) from the Northern Raven (Corvus corax) and a popular pun in the world of bird geeks has been made about the difference in pinion or flight feathers. They both have the same number of pinion feathers but when….


MRG Family Tournament

January 20, 2022

The 74th running of MRG’s fabled Family Tournament, which includes the sought-after Father-Son Trophy, was run on January 16th, 2022. Complete results can be found here. More information on the Family Tournament and other races in the MRG Racing Triple Crown can be found here.


Bear Essentials for the Winter 

January 20, 2022

Bear Essentials for the Winter  Written and illustrated by Jeannie Nicklas  While we are finally reveling in the snow during the heart of winter, it is hard to believe that our resident black bears are tucked away in makeshift dens and are currently nursing their newborns. These winter homes are often made up of cavities,….


A Very Varying Hare

January 13, 2022

A Very Varying Hare Written by Jeannie Nicklas Strapping on a pair of snowshoes is a fabulous way to explore our native woods in the winter months. Snowshoes keep you from post-holing (i.e., sinking knee or waist deep in the snow) and allows you to explore the woods unencumbered by roots, rocks, and brambles which are buried….


Coniferous Conundrums

January 6, 2022

Coniferous Conundrums Written and illustrated by Jeannie Nicklas When looking at the majestic trees that surround us, the variety in their qualities can be overwhelming, especially when identifying individual species. One of the first distinctions made in naming a specific tree is whether it is coniferous (evergreen needles/scales) or deciduous (broad leaves that are shed….


*NEW* Junior Backcountry Program

January 3, 2022

Mad River Glen Backcountry Program This year, Mad River Glen launches a Backcountry Program, allowing participants aged 14-19, to take their existing downhill ski skills into the backcountry. Backcountry skiing has seen a ten-fold increase in popularity over the past decade and it’s no surprise why: whether it’s seen as a way to keep fit,….


Holiday Habitats

January 1, 2022

Who is Going Where for the Winter? Referencing a 2018 article from Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, Vermonters typically take one of three different approaches to winter living: As Migrators (“snowbirds”), Hibernators (“couch potatoes”) and Survivors/Thrivers (“die-hards”). Vermont wildlife also decides on what strategy best suits their winter plans.   By December, the fall migrators have….


Still Single IPA Proceeds Donated to SMF

May 13, 2021

On Wednesday, May 5th, Lawson’s Finest Liquids and Mad River Glen presented the Stark Mountain Foundation with donation checks from sales of Still Single IPA. The checks, totaling over $7,000 represented proceeds from the sale of Still Single IPA at General Stark’s Pub and Lawson’s Finest Liquids flagship brewery in Waitsfield. For each 4-pack sold….


Sights & Sounds of Spring

March 17, 2021

The black-capped chickadee is one of our most popular winter residents, especially welcomed at bird feeders. They are a non-migratory songbird found year-round in our local forests and throughout North America. Besides being down-right adorable, chickadees have evolved remarkable adaptations to withstand freezing cold weather. Their active daytime behavior consists mostly of frantically collecting and….