• Trails Open: 4
  • Lifts Open: 2
  • New Snow: 0-0"
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  • Surface: Wet Granular...
  • Temp: 28°F
  • Windchill: 28°F
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Snowboard Policy

To preserve the area's unique character the shareholders of the Mad River Glen Cooperative choose not to allow snowboards.

Uphill Skiing/Skinning Policy

  • Climbing skiers are not permitted to travel up the trails at Mad River Glen when the lifts are in operation (9 to 4 midweek and 8:30 to 4 on weekends.
  • Skinning is permitted prior to opening and after the lifts have closed each day
  • Climbing skiers must have skins on their skis or wear snowshoes so as to avoid “post holing”
  • Skinning is also permitted before the mountain opens for the season and after we close

Snowshoeing at Mad River Glen

Mad River Glen has an extensive network of snowshoe trails on the mountain. See the Snowshoe Trail Map. Snowshoeing is restricted to these trails during the regular operating hours of the ski area. For safety reasons we ask that snowshoers stay off of the ski trails. That being said we know that the snowshoe trails are adjacent to the ski trails in some areas so please be cognizant of where you are and stay to the sides of the trail so as to avoid the skier traffic.

  • Snowshoeing is permitted during lift operations only on designated snowshoe trails and only with a valid day ticket, season pass, or snowshoe trail day pass.
  • Snowshoeing is not permitted anywhere on the mountain when snow conditions are very soft and/or temperatures are warm in order to avoid “post holing”

Unmanned Drone Policy

The use of unmanned drones (Unmanned Aerial Systems – UAS) is a concern for public safety as well as a potential infringement on individual privacy rights. For this reason the use of drones for photography or other use at Mad River Glen is prohibited without prior written authorization from the general manager. The safety and privacy of our guests is of primary importance.